Our Staff

Nigel Boulton (Director)
Nigel has been in the industry for 30 years, and is one of three directors of Price and Stubbs & Harold H. Leese Funeral Directors.

Barry Hawley Dip F.D. L.M.B.I.F.D (Funeral Director)
Barry has 25 years experience in the funeral profession and Qualified in March 1999 as a funeral director with an N.A.F.D diploma in funeral directing.Barry became a member of the British Institute of Funeral Directors in Septemeber 1999 and obtained a B.I.F.D license to practice in 2000.Barry finds being a funeral director the most satisfying job anyone could wish to do. To be able to help families at times of sadness is most rewarding.

Yvonne Brassington- Dip F.D. L.M.B.I.F.D (Funeral Director)
Yvonne entered the profession in January 2005, trained for the diploma in funeral directing in 2006 and qualified in March 2007. She became a full member of the B.I.F.D. in September 2007 and obtained a license to practice the same year.Yvonne says that being a fully qualified female funeral director is still quite rare but very rewarding and she would not change her chosen profession at all..

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 Barry Hawley Dip F.D. L.M.B.I.F.D

 Yvonne Brassington Dip F.D. L.M.B.I.F.D